04 January 2010

May or may not be the last time I'm back in SF for a while...

But I physically feel all that I remember defining "home" closing, fading away.

So numb and full of love and want at the same time.

05 October 2009

If love is true,
let's burn the factory
take off your shoes

03 August 2009

Aroha Silhouettes

I want!!

All her jewelry is made from recycled vinyl records. Buy here.

25 July 2009


is me.

I'm trying really hard to be optimistic, but being in the country sucks. No car, no cell service. All my idle time goes into over thinking and useless planning of the future. School, money, body image issues, money...

I need to get away for a few days, before I hang myself with fly strips.

22 July 2009

More Inspiration

Designs by David Korins.

16 July 2009